Tracking your phone


In this tutorial you will learn how to do internal positioning an Android phone using FIND3. Here you will track your Android device using a simple app that scans all nearby APs and Bluetooth discoverables for their distance (via the RSSI measurement).

Download the app

First download the latest version of the Android app from Google Play. Click here to download the latest FIND3 app.

Start the app

Find the app on your phone and start it up. When you start you will encounter a prompt about accessing the device’s location. Though FIND3 does not use GPS, Android devices require location permissions in order to access WiFi and Bluetooth settings. Press “ALLOW” to continue.

Enter information

When you open the app for the first time you will encounter empty textfields that require data.

To get started, enter in a family name. The family is used to distinguish your group of devices. It can be anything you want, but remember it because you will need it to see your results.

Then enter in a device name. The device name is used to distinguish this particular device. This can also be the name of the person carrying the device, if that helps you when you see the results.

The server is already specified as, the public server. If you are hosting your own server, you can change this to the address of your self-hosted server, http://YOURADDRESS (make sure to keep the http/https in the address). See the Server setup document to learn how to setup your own server.

Learn some locations

The first thing you need to do after entering data is to learn the locations for tracking. This requires walking to each room and doing a scan for about 5 minutes.

Go to a location, like your kitchen, bathroom or living room and enter the name of the location where it says location (optional). Then hit TRACKING so it turns to LEARNING. Then hit START SCAN and wait about 5 minutes. Then press STOP SCAN and repeat this process in each room, for every room you want to learn.

Read the FAQ for more information about how long to do learning in a location.

Track yourself

Once you are done learning, simply hit the LEARNING button so it toggles back to TRACKING and then do START SCAN.

Tracking will continue in the background and will show a notification that you can use to toggle the tracking off. There is an option that says “Allow GPS”. If activated, the phone will send GPS coordinates if requested by the server.

The scans will take place approximately 10-30 seconds apart, forever, until you turn off the app. You can turn the app off by clicking the back button. The battery usage is minimal since it is doing only a short WiFi scan and Bluetooth scan.


You can visualize your data on the cloud server, You can sign in using your family name.

You can also get raw data from FIND3 by using the REST commands outlined in the API document.


If you have issues, please file one on Github at


If you are interested, the app is completely open-source and available on Github.